Monday, December 15, 2008

What I have to be thankful for in 2008

I have many things to be thankful for towards the close of 2008. First would be the fact that I am close to putting this bad year behind me. Then the fact that no one in my immediate family needed hospital confinement during the year. And lastly, that I am getting a better feel for blogging.

My Chinese horoscope did warn me of several challenges within the year: from legal troubles, to financial difficulties, to career/work issues. And, the year did not disappoint unfortunately. I found out that I have pending tax payables from a failed business from two years ago (unresolved to date). I may have maxed out my credit cards after misjudging my cash-on-hand after making several ill-advised purchases in the third quarter. And my relationship with my manager has deteriorated of late. While the new year does not promise a quick nor clear resolution for any and all, I am thankful for the long Christmas-New Year holiday that will allow me to breathe, regroup and plan for the coming months. It does help that my Chinese horoscope tells of a better year for Earth Monkeys.

Despite the frequent close calls (many of which are self-inflicted), my father was not confined to the hospital for any of his numerous ailments. His blood sugar, creatinine, triglycerides and blood pressure have been stable for the longest time - thanks to good doctors and serious policing at home. And my mom's hypertension is likewise well managed.

I have taken to writing more this year just so I can make sense of the passing year. Somehow committing my thoughts into paper and bytes have allowed me to digest, process and order my reactions and responses to the daily challenges. By committing to blogging, I have even managed to order my postings/sites along business, personal, sports and "collectibles" lines.

So why Moleskines? I have seen and handled one in Bestsellers in Galleria and the mere feel of it inspires me to write. And the crispiness of the paper reminds me of freshly laundered sheets, something to ensure that my thoughts are put to bed everyday.

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