Monday, December 1, 2008

Being a "Yes" man

I was intrigued by a book title that I happen upon during my last visit to National Bookstore. The title went something like say yes more often and become more successful. Apparently, the book has been adapted into a movie starring Jim Carrey.

Even if I haven't read the book (or at least the jacket summary), the message was intriguing. I can think of the many times in the past that I have regretted refusing an opportunity to try something new due to stubbornness, shyness, or plain laziness. I mean my best friend in high school was the co-captain of the baseball and hockey teams and I never learned to play either sport - couldn't even skate to save my life. I refused to ask a foreign boss for reconsideration for an office-paid MBA scholarship. Etc, etc, etc. A litany of regret.

I will read that book then see how I can put it into practice then I will write about it here.

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