Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Straight talk on stupidity hiding behind calls for tolerance

I just had to react to this Yahoo! front-pager. The parents of this four year old asked their local bakeshop to decorate the boy's birthday cake with his name which happens to be Adolph Hitler. Their other children are as colorfully named: one carries Aryan Nation as a middle name. I mean, really?

The father is reportedly puzzled by the storm of controversy this has generated and is pleading for tolerance. Tolerance is never an excuse to make light of one of the most horrific examples of modern humanity's depravity and brutality. The then duly-elected government, abetted by the "tolerance" and acceptance of the general populace, systematically brutalized then murdered whole societies, families, generations of not just Jews but Roma, gays, minorities and even Germans not deemed perfect enough for the Aryan race. This was a monumental crime against humanity which even today is marred by the senseless recidivism by various national front/white supremacist groups and some Middle Eastern states.

Genocide and its perpetrators - and not just limited to the Holocaust but must include the forgotten mass murders of Armenians, the Baltic people, Kurds, Manchukuo Chinese, colonial Koreans, Tutsis, southern Sudanese, Cambodians, and Tibetans - should never to be trivialized and passed off as just a name.

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