Friday, January 4, 2008

Sibs night out

Ateng, Yay and I decided to go out on a sibs date while the folks were at a party with their friends. We haven't gone out in two years so we were looking forward to the night.

We waited for Yay to come home from work (I fortunately had taken a leave) then drove together to Eastwood City, well, to the strip mall adjacent to Eastwood. Muy and Yay had fallen hard for Omakase, a Japanese restaurant. Muy ate there with her classmates and we have gone there several times since.

We decided on a selection of sushi instead of the usual a la carte plates, much the way we eat at Chinese restaurants with their dimsum cart. We had five different plates of everything from spider crabs to spicy unagi to butterflied shrimps plus a plate of teriyaki chicken, which we washed down with house tea. We must have been really hungry since we cleaned up forty pieces plus eight slices of the chicken.

We then transferred to Eastwood City for dessert. We scanned the stores and restaurants for someplace that offered ice cream and strangely enough, there were none. We ended up at's like Ateng never came home. Oh well.

It was a typical Friday night with Eastwood bursting with visitors. Families, call center agents, office employees, model wannabes, tourists were on every table, streets, parking lots, even comfort rooms! Incredible to see buying interest after the Christmas season.

Too bad, none of merchants in Eastwood had my terminals. I will have that rectified in January.

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