Thursday, January 3, 2008

Idle thought

Like my mom always says, an idle mind is the devil's playground...or was it the hands? Anyway, while working at clearing the mind-sludge of the holidays, I heard of two more friends taking that job leap.

The first will hit the group like the proverbial ton of bricks if and when it comes into fruition. However, I feel that the move is the best professional decision this friend will take. I mean why stay if the recognition, both soft and hard, comes oh so very slowly while the work is increasing geometrically - with no positive resolution in sight.

The other is my best friend who will make his first professional move in ten years. In his case, the deserved recognitions have come but the opportunity to participate in a new project was just too irresistible.

So is it that an idle mind is also an envious mind?

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