Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ruining my Shangri-La

In as much as I would love to gush over my new found visual paradise, I have to rant over the public service failings of my favorite sights. Doesn't really detract from the beauty of the place but does soil the memories like paper acid on old favorite photographs.

You can really see how much local officials respect their constituents by the quality of civil structures, esp. transportation stops. Gare d'Nord, Termini, Central Station in Amsterdam, the bus stops in SIngapore, the Ferry Harbor of Hong Kong, heck, even the public urinals of Bayani are examples of elegant but utilitarian structures. The central bus station in GenSan along with the Manila Domestic Airport are both notorious eyesores and public health menace. A tin roof supported by concrete pillars in a virtual sea of cracked earth and dust does not a transportation node make. And don't even get me started on the public restrooms. Calling on Congresswoman Darlene! So you've KO'd Pacman, now get working on this.

Now really.... be continued on my next visit

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