Sunday, December 30, 2007

On watching a play with complimentary tickets

I was invited one late Friday afternoon to watch The Rep's play, Glorious, starring, among others, Joy Virata. Tickets were courtesy of a friend who got them for free...I guess "play-culture" hasn't yet taken hold in Manila that I managed to score the free viewing. Now, if the tickets were for a free movie, then all bets are off.

Since the tickets specified 8 P.M., I waded into Friday-night traffic to Greenbelt. Can't say much else of this quasi-penitential procession of vehicles into the heart of commercial Makati except for "Aaarrrggghh!" And they even had traffic enforcers: double "Aaarrrgghh!"

The secret to stree-free parking in Greenbelt, for you non-Makati denizens, is to immediatelly go to the Greenbelt 1 parking: it was half-filled, in contrast to the parking in the newer Greenbelt area. What's a short walk compared to burning gas (and brewing bile) while waiting for a free slot in the latter.

To the play. The rep of The Rep (pun intended) ensures one of a professionally run production. True to form, the second half started at the stated time, despite the fact that ex-PM Cesar Virata and Amb. Yuchengco were still at the theatre lobby.

I'm not a theatre-buff/critic but the cast, the production, and the score were excellent. The sound system could use an upgrade though: it was scratchy throughout the performance, detracting from the otherwise flawless night

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