Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ethiopia - a new Middle East

I must confess that I know little about Ethiopia except to say that the country has fairly recently emerged from a devastating famine (remember the drive of artists against famine in the 80s?) and a civil war (which saw the secession of Eritrea, formerly Italian Somaliland) to an economic renaissance of sorts. The reason I mentioned it is because two people my family know have received offers to work in the travel/hospitality industry in the country. One was for a catering company and the other as the country manager for a major airline. The former opted out, largely due to family pressure not to accept, while the latter will be flying out two weeks from now.

With many in the creative industries are looking to work in Indochina and those in telco in Latin America, is the Horn of Africa the IT destination for those in the hotel/resto and airline fields?

It makes me now think...?!

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